Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing Aid Dehumidifiers (standard and electric) – Absorbs moisture from your hearing aid while not in use. It is a crucial in prolonging an aid’s lifespan and helps reduce the rate of repair.

Earmold Blowers – Forces moisture out of the earmold and tubing of behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids to help maintain sound quality.

Eargene – Relieves the discomfort of itchy ears through a unique formula of soothing, cleansing and healing ingredients. Safe with any hearing instrument or earpiece.

Oto-Ferm Creme – Eases insertion and helps improve comfort of ear molds and hearing aids, while providing an effective acoustic seal.

Telephone Pads – Fits most phones, improves comfort, and reduces/eliminates feedback when using the telephone while wearing hearing aids

Hearing Aid Domes – Disposable and replaceable tips for your BTE (behind-the-ear) or RITE (receiver-in-the-ear) hearing aid.

Wax Filters – Available for most of the major hearing aid manufacturers. If we do not carry the brand you need, we’ll gladly order it in for you.

Ear Gear – The Halton Hearing Centre is the only authorized retail dealer for Ear Gear products in Oakville, Ontario. Ear Gear will protect your hearing aids from exposure to sweat, dirt, moisture, and it also prevents loss. Ear Gear is a spandex nylon sleeve which fits tightly to cover the entire hearing aid. The sleeve is “acoustically-transparent” – which means that Ear Gear has no effect on sound quality.

Ear Gear is inexpensive, water resistant, easy to wash, and it secures safely (optional via a clip). Ear Gear will not only help prevent costly hearing aid repairs, but it can also prevent you from losing your hearing aids! Order Ear Gear for your hearing aids through the Halton Hearing Centre, and save on shipping!

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